The Clark Financial Consulting Group
of Wells Fargo Advisors

Thomas H. Clark - Managing Director - Investments
Riley Charles Clark - Associate Vice President  - Investments
Cathy Tarbush - Sr. Registered Client Associate-Vice President


The Clark Financial Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors serves as special advisor to a select group of wealthy individuals, families and institutions who value our disciplined approach and ability to deliver customized solutions to their complex financial needs. We recognize that significant wealth can pose unique challenges and provide unusual opportunities. 

Our Approach

Each relationship is based on the high level of trust and confidence in our wealth management process developed in partnership with each client. Our approach is to balance growth against risk with the flexibility to adapt to clients’ changing needs and fluctuating market conditions. We pay particular attention to preserving wealth and generating ample cash flow to meet clients’ lifestyle goals.

The team believes that patience is the number one attribute of the successful investor. The team has weathered decades of ups and downs in the market and believe that “don’t lose money” is a goal that all investors should seek. Combining patience and a long-term outlook can help investors weather the vagaries of the market.

Our Strengths

In addition to our team’s extensive experience, they provide exclusive access to the resources and capabilities unique to Wells Fargo Advisors. Shortly after serving our country as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Clark began his career in financial services and has served clients for decades.

Whether it is developing an approach to manage existing or newly acquired wealth, devising a strategy to meet intergenerational and wealth transfer needs or addressing planning issues with clients’ other professional advisors, The Clark Financial Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors provides solutions customized to each client’s unique situation and objectives including:

·  Lifetime Income Management Strategies

·  Pre-Liquidity Event Planning

·  Family issues concerning divorce and generational transitions

·  Legacy and Philanthropic Planning

It’s More than Managing Money

Because the group works with a small number of families, it gives them the ability to deliver personal and in-depth services. The group has served as a strong advocate when issues develop within a family. Many times over the years, they have helped clients and their families through difficult times by making key referrals and staying close to the family until the issue is resolved.